Mixed Media Artist

A Brief History

Being born in France and brought up in 1950's Idaho shaped the duality of my nature and my creative work.

My schooling included the University of Washington in Seattle with my junior year abroad at the Sorbonne and a MFA in printmaking from Utah State University. I began as an Executive Director of the Firehouse Art Center in Norman, Oklahoma. From there I served as the Visual Arts Specialist at the Wyoming Arts Council and as the Curator of Art for the Wyoming State Museum. For the last eight years I have explored collage using printmaking and painting in my studio.


My Work

The ties that bind, in this case, the paper that bonds me to my childhood, my heritage. My love of paper, particularly weathered paper found in the country of my childhood has proved to be a link that keeps me grounded.

In a way, the work is coming full circle, from using clear imagery on the front to selecting the back of papers that show through multiple complicated layers. I discover family is like a lot of layers glued together each showing their imperfections yet bonding to the whole.